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We are excited to share the 2015 Catalog with you! There are many new sessions along with the classics you know and love and signing up is easier than ever with our new online registration system!
2015 Camp Catalog (Download PDF)

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Resident & Day Camps

Our program provides opportunities to develop an appreciation of nature, live cooperatively with others, share in the responsibilities of group living, develop new leisure interests, experience traditional camp activities and have fun!

General sessions provide a traditional camp experience for children and teenagers, while the resort-like settings at all five locations offer a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere for adult guests. Guests determine their own activity interests and level of participation. Siblings and friends are also welcome to attend.

Featured clubs and themes

These sessions are offered during resident camp and focus on a combining a camper’s interest activity with traditional activities.
Theme weeks are part of the Camp Eden Wood programming.
This year's theme weeks are:

Eden Wood Theme Weeks
Clubs are part of the Camp Friendship programming.
List of featured clubs
ARCHERY- Spend time on the archery range playing games like balloon pop and tic-tac-toe.
ART STUDIO- take the week to work on one complex piece.
BAKING BUDDIES- Bake some cookies, brownies and other yummy treats.
CANOEING- Set your canoe on the water and enjoy paddling on the lake.
ETHNIC COOKING- Learn how to cook a whole meal from another culture.
HOOK, LINE & SINKER- Fishing at each participant’s level.
I LOVE CRITTERS- Interact with and learn to care for camp farm animals.
MOVIN’ & GROOVIN’- Dance up a storm!
SCIENCE & STARS- Conduct science experiments during the day and enjoy star gazing and learning about constellations at night.
SHIRT TALES- Create original pieces from tie-dye and fabric painting.
SHOW BUSINESS SCENES- Prepare for the talent show! Learn a song, dance or act out scenes from your favorite shows and movies.
SPORTS FAN- Different sports each day, such as soccer, basketball, kickball, softball and more.
THE BIG SPLASH- Enjoy the camp water slide, water carnival, swimming, canoeing and beach party.

Bring Your Own Caregiver (BYOC)

BYOC is designed for people who want to have the camp experience while supported by their own support person. The program is available at Camp Friendship, Camp Eden Wood, Camp New Hope and during designated weeks at Camp Courage. Learn more here.

ACA Accredited

True Friends resident camp programs at all five locations are accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA). These programs comply with nationally recognized standards for content, personnel, administration, health care, site and facilities. ACA representatives visit facilities every three years to assure compliance with these standards.


*Residential Camp Cancellation Policy: All advanced fees paid will be refunded in full if notice is received in the True Friends office thirty (30) days prior to the applicants’ session. If less than thirty (30) days notice is received, all but the registration deposit will be refunded. If the applicant has not paid the registration deposit, the applicant will be billed.

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