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Many jobs are easier. Few give back so much.
As a member of the True Friends staff, you’ll have fun, learn about yourself and others, make new friendships, encounter new and challenging experiences. Most of all, you will make a positive impact on children and adults with disabilities. We are committed to finding staff who are friendly, enthusiastic and genuinely care about each participant’s experience.
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Camp & Respite Staff, Year Round and Health Care

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Camp & Respite Staff

The Top 10 Reasons to Join the True Friends Team
10. You’ll have a great story to tell when people ask, “What did you do last summer?”
9. You’ll have lots of stories for friends and family.
8. We provide free room and board, Internet access and weekend trips to top
Minnesota attractions.
7. You’ll receive a comprehensive training program to prepare you to work successfully with
campers and their special needs.
6. Volunteers can fulfill service learning requirements for efforts such as earning an Eagle
Scout badge, completing an internship or community service obligation.
5. You can add teaching, lesson development, problem solving, leadership skills, behavior
management, team player and more to your resume.
4. You’ll be able to create friendships from around the world that will last a lifetime.
3. You’ll be remembered forever by the campers you serve.
2. It is one of the most important, fun and rewarding jobs you could have—you’ll remember
the experience forever.
and, the #1 reason to join the True Friends team …

About camp jobs

We provide a weekly salary (or weekend salary for respite care), room and board, and the appropriate training to work successfully with our special needs participants.

Weekly sessions are offered from Sunday through Friday, June—August and late December—January.
Respite care takes place at Camp Friendship and Camp Eden Wood 2-3 weekends a month, all year, from Friday until Sunday.

Some hourly positions may be available.

All program staff must be willing and able to meet the direct-care and recreational needs of participants, be able to lift at least 40 lbs., be physically and emotionally strong and work well with others.
Certain programs require program staff to lead or facilitate activities such as swimming, art activities, music and dance, cooking, archery or ropes challenge activities.
Most camp staff members are required to live on site.

Applying from outside the United States
If you are a citizen of any country other than the United States who would like to apply, go to
Still have questions? Call or email us.

Year Round

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There are many part-time and some full time positions with True Friends. Whether you enjoy the camp atmosphere or enjoy a job with meaning. See what we have to offer.

Health Care

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Look at the multiple long-term and short-term opportunities to gain experience with a diverse population. We have options for all experience levels. Consider sharing your talents in an active and rewarding environment.

True Friends is an equal opportunity employer and operates in accordance with the US Department of Agriculture policy that prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, and marital or family status.

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