Register & Pay

Follow these easy steps to register for camp sessions and/or respite weekends.

  1. Select the session(s) you want to attend.
  2. Download and complete the Camper Application form. This and other helpful forms are available in the Participants section of our forms library.
  3. If you need a paper copy, please call our office to request that a form be mailed to you.
  4. Send your completed application form to True Friends, 10509 108th St NW, Annandale, MN 55302 or via email. along with your deposit, to the Annandale address.
  5. Within three weeks after we receive your completed application and deposit, you will receive a confirmation packet with the information you’ll need prior to coming to camp.
  6. We will notify you if the session you’ve selected is full and we will try to find an alternative session. If not, your deposit and any other fees will be returned in full.

Financial Assistance

All of our services have fees associated, but we realize that not every participant can afford to pay the cost. Those needing financial assistance should complete the Financial Assistance form. Parents or other caregivers of children and adults eligible for county funds or Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS) for respite care or camp programs should contact their county social worker to find out whether these funds may be applied toward program fees.

True Friends makes decisions about financial assistance according to the family’s financial need and personal circumstances, as well as available funds. In determining the size of award to give, we consider the family’s income, the total number of dependents, other expenses related to care of the child, other sources of financial support and the family’s need for respite.

You can find the Financial Assistance Form here.

Hey Return Campers

Would you like to test out our new Returning Camper Application? This application will allow you to download the Returning Camper Application, fill it out interactively within your computer’s native PDF reader, save the file, and upload it back to without having to print or fax. Let us know what you think!

To Sign Up, please fill out the appropriate Camper Application form. Simply download the form, print it, fill out the applicable fields and fax it in.

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